SELL: Wing EN C Advance Sigma 11 24 80-100kg With bag Small repairs Concertinas No water No trees TC valid

Added Nov. 18, 2023, 10:03 p.m.

1,998.00 EUR

Category: Wings / EN C
Manufacturer: Advance
Model: Sigma 11
Size: 24
Flying weight: 80 - 100kg
Features: With bag, Small repairs, Concertinas, No water, No trees, No flying on the sand, TC valid, Lightened, No SIVs
Usage: Used (100-200h)
Year of Production: 2021

ADVANCE SIGMA 11 wing for sale - Year of manufacture 05.2021 - First flight 06.2021 - TK valid until 11.2024 - did not see water or sand - trimming was done in June and the geometry flew 15 hours straight with 2 lines - Not flown since June 2023 - Flight approx. 170h - White already it is not bright white, it has 5 small patches with a diameter of approx. 2 cm. - The original Advance compression bag is included in the price, or I can add a new version of the "Flatbag" leaf bag from the second wing with a seal for an extra charge... never used. or 160g Compact case light from supair, also new.. -The wing flies and adjusts just like when it was new. It is very quiet and safe. It is the most powerful and at the same time the safest wing in its category (only one C and that too at full speed).. The latest construction of a concept enlightened over the years... You can find many positive reviews and videos online, even in the Czech language, for example from Tomáš B. more info here: Ideal Personal collection and inflation at least on the bow or takeoff (in case of good weather), but I can send it by post after paying the agreed price. (the price can vary depending on the speed of the sale). Only serious interest please. More info via the form or email.. THANK YOU

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