SELL: Backpack Nirvana Rodeo 125 Used With reserve 2 blade propeller Spare frame Electric starter

Added Sept. 14, 2023, 10:16 a.m.

5,331.17 EUR
(130,000.00 CZK)

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Nirvana
Model: Rodeo 125
Usage: Used
Features: With reserve, 2 blade propeller, Spare frame, Electric starter, Gas in left hand
Year of Production: 2018

I am selling a used set (motorized loom Nirvána Rodeo 125, MAC Charger 23) loom Nirvana Rodeo 125, year of manufacture 2018 MAC PARA Charger 23, year of manufacture 2019, ENB, 93-120kg for MPK, weight 5.5Kg The loom is in very good condition ( new propeller and frame). The parachute is like new, practically never flown. The seat also includes a spare seat. Gas in left hand. In addition, I will add 2 frames for spare parts, oil and a cover for the propeller.

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