SELL: Wing DAGC (powered) SKY Antea 1 24 90-130kg Powered ready TC fresh TC valid

Added July 10, 2023, 9:10 p.m.

220.00 EUR

Category: Wings / DAGC (powered)
Manufacturer: SKY
Model: Antea 1
Size: 24
Flying weight: 90 - 130kg
Features: Powered ready, TC fresh, TC valid
Usage: More used (200-300h)
Year of Production: 2008

Hello, I am selling a SKY Antea1 wing, size M, year 2008. It is also tied to the engine with Trim. It is an EN C hybrid, so it is possible to fly freely, but due to the advanced age of the wing and the skytex that has been flown, it will no longer have ideal properties. I have flown with her with the engine for about 130 hours since my beginnings. When I bought the grand piano, the strings were completely replaced. I believe that it will serve despite its age. The wing behaved stably and fast enough for a beginner pilot. The technical license is valid until 20.8. 2024. Take-off weight is: 75-92kg per engine: 90-130kg

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