SELL: Wing EN A Advance Alpha 6 28 85-110kg Small repairs Concertinas No water No trees With listing bag No SIV

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Category: Wings / EN A
Manufacturer: Advance
Model: Alpha 6
Size: 28
Flying weight: 85 - 110kg
Features: Small repairs, Concertinas, No water, No trees, With listing bag, No flying on the sand, TC valid, No SIVs
Usage: Lightly used (50-100h)
Year of Production: 2017

I am selling an Advance Alpha 6 wing size 28 + Elspeedo Fuerta seat. The wing is very suitable for a beginner. It has good penetration against the wind and is very good. Porozity 200+. There are minor repairs on it (if interested, I will send a photo). I have flown it for about 10 hours. Fuerta without ZP with handle. Flown but fully functional. The reason for the sale is the transition to En-B. More info by phone or whatsapp. We can agree on the price.

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Product Information
About Manufacturer:

Advance Paragliders, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of paragliding equipment, has been a major player in the industry since its inception. Due to its commitment to producing high quality and innovative paragliding equipment, Advance has gained popularity among both beginners and experienced pilots.

Technical Specifications:
ALPHA 6 22 24 26 28 31
number of chambers 39 39 39 39 39
straps + split A 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
flat m2 22.1 24.0 26.1 28.5 31.9
Projection floor m2 18.9 20.6 22.3 24.4 27.3


4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
Projective slimness 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
year span m 10.3 10.8 11.2 11.7 12.4
Projection range m 8.2 8.6 8.9 9.3 9.9
wing weight kg 4.30 4.55 4.75 5.25 5.75
recommended take-off weight kg 50-70 60-80 70-95 85-110 100-130
extended takeoff weight kg 70-85 80-95 95-110 110-125 130-145
Trim speed kmh 38+/-1 38+/-1 38+/-1 38+/-1 38+/-1
Max. speed km/h 48+/-2 48+/-2 48+/-2 48+/-2 48+/-2
extended takeoff certification EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A
Product Description:

The Advance Alpha 6 is an EN-A certified paraglider designed to offer maximum safety and ease of use for novice pilots. This wing is also suitable for experienced pilots looking for a reliable and forgiving glider for relaxed flights and ground handling practice. Released by Advance Paragliders, the Alpha 6 features the Easy Connect System, which makes connecting risers intuitive and flawless. Features 3D shaping technology for a clean leading edge and improved aerodynamics. The glider is constructed from durable and lightweight materials that ensure long life and performance in a variety of flight conditions. The Alpha 6 is lauded for its smooth inflation, stable flight characteristics and efficient landing trim, making it an excellent choice for new pilots.

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