SELL: Wing EN D Advance zeta 21 60-110kg No water Small repairs TC valid

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Added March 28, 2024, 11:48 a.m.

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Category: Wings / EN D
Manufacturer: Advance
Model: zeta
Serial Number: Filled.
Size: 21
Flying weight: 60 - 110kg
Features: No water, Small repairs, TC valid
Usage: More used (200-300h)
Year of Production: 2015

The technical one is valid until August 15, 2024, but after that he will no longer receive it. Porozity not much. But it's still such a fun wing - it likes to go nose down and doesn't really want to go out of the spiral without help. It can be used as a wing for ground handling, flights in stronger winds or a quick hike&fly run on the Rana before it starts working.

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