SELL: Wing EN B Axis Pluto 2 S Axis Pluto 2 S 60-85kg With bag Small repairs No water No trees With listing bag

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Category: Wings / EN B
Manufacturer: Axis Pluto 2 S
Model: Axis Pluto 2
Size: S
Flying weight: 60 - 85kg
Features: With bag, Small repairs, No water, No trees, With listing bag, No flying on the sand, TC valid, No SIVs
Usage: More used (200-300h)
Year of Production: 2005

I am selling complete equipment for paragliding, suitable for beginners. I bought it myself and used it immediately after the course. Includes: - Axis Pluto 2 S wing (takeoff weight 60-85kg) - GII caliber 4 seat, size S (purchased brand new, in excellent condition) - Sky system III reserve parachute, size 90 (purchased brand new, never used, embedded in the seat) - TryFly leaf bag - MacPara Bronco backpack The wing is manufactured in 2005 and rebuilt in Axis in Brno from Pluto 1 to Pluto 2. In 2022, all cords were replaced. Only minor repairs. Technical valid until 18.5.2024 Porozity: upper cover point 1 - 60s - 90l/m2/min point 2 - 80s - 67.5 point 3 - 120s - 45 point 4 - 70s - 77.14 bottom cover point 1 - 250s - 21.6l/m2/min point 2 - 300s - 18 bod3 - 300s - 18 bod4 - 240 - 22.5 I prefer to sell the complete equipment as a whole. The possibility of a personal viewing in Ostrava and the surrounding area, or I am willing to send within the whole of the Czech Republic.

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