SELL: Reserve Classic Construction EasyFly Way Richly Used

Added June 30, 2024, 3:57 p.m.

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Category: Reserves / Classic Construction
Manufacturer: EasyFly
Model: Way Richly
Usage: Used
Year of Production: 2010

The Way Richly reserve parachute including front container, suitable as a second reserve parachute, is easy to deploy to either side with either right or left hand and the manufacturer claims that it opens extremely quickly due to the double shell construction and short lines (never tried it :-). Due to the small size of the container, it does not take up much space during a hike/fly. Regularly repackaged, in perfect condition. The container fits into the XC seat as a second backup on the belly between the carabiners, it has a Velcro fastener for the instrument panel and a zipper for the kayak, or simply between the carabiners and the seat strap (including lapel). See also The original price of the set including the container is about 15 thousand, I will be satisfied for 6 thousand. For inspection or collection in Vrchlabí, or by agreement in Černá hora, or by post.

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