SELL: Harness For Beginners El Speedo (Dudek) Wanaka Used Reserve from below Lightened Trapeze - relaxbar Speed Carbines

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1,388.90 EUR
(34,000.00 CZK)

Category: Harnesses / For Beginners
Manufacturer: El Speedo (Dudek)
Model: Wanaka
Usage: Used
Features: Reserve from below, Lightened, Trapeze - relaxbar, Speed, Carbines, Foam protector, With a counter, With bag
Year of Production: 2022

I will sell complete paragliding equipment Niviuk hook 2 year 2012 80-100 kg TK valid until 1.9.2025. Parachute not cast since 2019. Some glued places. Browsing bag + Bag. Wanaka M. 2022 seat weighs only 2.9 kg. Including a relaxation bar for the legs.. Reserve parachute RS100 - 2014 Repackaged. NOVA backpack 100% condition. Vário r.2022 MAC counter 100% condition. Radio 100% condition. Wind speed meter. Helmet + book. I prefer to sell the set. Quick action deal.

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