SELL: Harness For Advanced Gin Genie Race 2 Used Carbines Speed Foam protector Fairing (cocoon)

Added Jan. 23, 2024, 12:55 p.m.

300.00 EUR
(1,350.00 PLN)

Category: Harnesses / For Advanced
Manufacturer: Gin
Model: Genie Race 2
Usage: Used
Features: Carbines, Speed, Foam protector, Fairing (cocoon)
Year of Production: 2011

Gin Genie Race 2 harness for sell - size L (recommended height from GIN +180cm). Last year did some nice flights, eg 100km+ XC. Still in good condition, have only one stain. Never back landed on it, so back side is clear. It's a bit heavy, but very comfortable and warm harness (with softshell, no lycra). It waits for more journeys! All my flights are claimed on xcontest. Feel free to ask. +48691496879

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