SELL: Wing EN B Gradient Montana 3 22 55-77kg Small repairs Concertinas Lightened No flying on the sand TC fres

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Category: Wings / EN B
Manufacturer: Gradient
Model: Montana 3
Size: 22
Flying weight: 55 - 77kg
Features: Small repairs, Concertinas, Lightened, No flying on the sand, TC fresh, TC valid, No trees
Usage: Lightly used (50-100h)
Year of Production: 2019 link: Link

After two years, I am releasing my EN-B glider Gradinet Montana 3, first owner, always leafed, lovingly cared for, lightweight model. Canopy 100% Skytex, Porcher. Skytex top cover 32g/m2 for long life. Bottom cover and non-load-bearing ribs made of the lightest fabric 27g/m2. The cords are made of Aramid and Dyneema. The free ends are lightweight, made of 15mm webbing. Flight: approx. 100 hours Size: 22 (55-77 Kg) Color: Lime green Technical: 8/2025 Excellent wing condition, see TP report

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Product Information
About Manufacturer:

Gradient, a distinguished Czech paragliding manufacturer based in Prague, is known for its high-quality and innovative paragliders since its establishment in 1997. Despite their significant impact on the paragliding community and a strong international presence, Gradient has ceased producing new wings, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and a loyal following among pilots worldwide.

Technical Data:
Size 22 24 26 28
Area (m²) 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0
Projected area (m²) 18.5 20.1 21.8 23.4
Slenderness 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2
Glider weight (kg) 2.8 3.0 3.2 3.4
Chambers 42 42 42 42
Certified take-off weight (kg) 55-77 75-90 85-105 105-125
Span (m) 10.4 11.0 11.5 12.0
Minimum speed (Km/h) 23 23 23 23
Maximum speed (Km/h) 48 48 48 48
Product Description:

The Gradient Montana 3 is a versatile, lightweight paraglider designed for a wide range of pilots, from those who enjoy hiking and flying adventures to those looking for a durable and compact general purpose glider. Launched in 2019, the Montana 3 offers high passive safety, stability and intuitive controls, making it suitable for both intermediate and advanced pilots. Constructed from high quality materials, the Montana 3 features Skytex 32 g/m² fabric on the upper surface for increased durability and Skytex 27 g/m² on the lower surface and ribbing to reduce weight. The cords are a mix of Dyneema and Aramid from renowned manufacturers Liros and Edelrid, and the sleeves are made of lightweight 15mm webbing. This combination ensures that the glider is not only light and easy to pack, but also robust enough to withstand the rigors of various flight conditions. The Montana 3 excels at flying in turbulent air, maintaining performance and stability even at full speed. Its features, easy launch and smooth, responsive handling, make it an excellent choice for pilots who need a reliable wing that performs well in a variety of environments.

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