SELL: Wing EN B Gradient Nevada 2 30 110-135kg No water No TC No SIVs Small repairs

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300.00 EUR

Category: Wings / EN B
Manufacturer: Gradient
Model: Nevada 2
Serial Number: Filled.
Size: 30
Flying weight: 110 - 135kg
Features: No water, No TC, No SIVs, Small repairs
Usage: More used (200-300h)
Year of Production: 2015

For sale Gradient Nevada 2 with serial number 001 .. Special colors. Very high quality materials. It still rustles nicely. I still fly on the wing sometimes and I flew my first 100v on it.. It would be good to have the trim done, but it still flies nicely and gives information about the conditions. Short video of the wings.. for more info +421907578018

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