SELL: Wing EN B Kompletná výstroj na paragliding 110-125kg Powered ready With listing bag No trees No water

Added Jan. 11, 2024, 2:20 p.m.

1,600.00 EUR

Category: Wings / EN B
Manufacturer: Kompletná výstroj na paragliding
Flying weight: 110 - 125kg
Features: Powered ready, With listing bag, No trees, No water
Usage: Lightly used (50-100h)
Year of Production: 2018

I will sell a set of paragliding equipment at a great price. Wing Gradient Golden 5-30. Year of manufacture: 2018. Flight time up to 70 hours. Take-off weight 110-130 kg. Excellent condition, rustles like new, no crawling on the ground, start and fly. Seat Woody Valley X- Alp GTO Size XL 12cm. protector in excellent condition. Brauninger IQ-Alto vario console + compass + phone holder. Baofeng-UV-5r hanger. Leaf bag and pocket in the seat Gin Gliders Yety up to 130 kg. Backpack Gradient + helmet. Slovakia-Orava-Trstená.

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