SELL: Wing DAGC (powered) MAC Colorado 27 115-160kg No water No SIVs No flying on the sand TC fresh TC valid Powered read

Added Feb. 26, 2024, 2:07 p.m.

2,329.73 EUR
(59,000.00 CZK)

Category: Wings / DAGC (powered)
Manufacturer: MAC
Model: Colorado
Serial Number: Filled.
Size: 27
Flying weight: 115 - 160kg
Features: No water, No SIVs, No flying on the sand, TC fresh, TC valid, Powered ready, No trees
Usage: Lightly used (50-100h)
Year of Production: 2022 link: Link

I am offering a two-year-old Colorado in orange-blue color in size 27 and fitted with 2D steering. Cauliflower included. Freshly after TK (extended by 2 years) and in like new condition. About 70 hours flown and flights see I will deliver for free in person anywhere in the Czech Republic (purchase contract, cash on hand). If you are from SK, for example to Břeclav airport or something near the border. Flying 100Kg guy and Spin180 and ideal. I'm switching to Colorado2 and know that a new one costs 88,000, so if you want to save money and have a new wing that has been proven for years, it's an obvious choice ;) Illustrative photos.

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