SELL: Wing EN B Ozone Rush 5 ms 80-95kg No water Concertinas With listing bag No flying on the sand TC fresh

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1,262.08 EUR
(32,000.00 CZK)

Category: Wings / EN B
Manufacturer: Ozone
Model: Rush 5
Serial Number: Filled.
Size: ms
Flying weight: 80 - 95kg
Features: No water, Concertinas, With listing bag, No flying on the sand, TC fresh, TC valid, No trees
Usage: Used (100-200h)
Year of Production: 2018

Hello, I am sending my Rushík in MS size (80-95KG) to the world. We didn't drag it through branches, water or sand. Only grass launches in Pálava, Austria, etc. It has only one Sivka behind it, to convince myself that even though it is a High-End top, it is a good wing and for the entire time that I was in the air with it for 82 hours ( + 32 hours from the first owner) didn't get me into any trouble. It has a fresh technical with laser check and geometry. To be seen (tried) in Brno and its surroundings. We can negotiate a discount if we negotiate quickly.

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