SELL: Backpack Sky Engines 110S Used Carbon frame 2 blade propeller Composite propeller Moving rams

Added June 19, 2024, 4:54 p.m.

2,799.00 EUR

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Sky Engines
Model: 110S
Usage: Used
Features: Carbon frame, 2 blade propeller, Composite propeller, Moving rams
Year of Production: 2018

I am selling a water cooled Sky Engines 110S ( complete paramotor from 2018, that recently received full mainenance.
26 HP/73 kg thrust, 110 ccm displacement, water cooled Athena cylinder with Nikasil coating, manual start, running hours counter, cooling liquid and engine rev display, 125 cm KD-Props carbon propeller

The engine has guaranteed less than 25 hours since the following parts have been replaced (at over 850 euro value):
cylinder and piston, crankshaft and bearings, reed valve, all engine seals, reduction bearings, seals and oli, water cooler, silencer wool, exhaust springs and seal, silencer holder, carburetor membranes, air filter, ignition coil, spark plug (Iridium)

The engine is mounted on a factory made Flymecc Carbon frame
( one of the lightest in it's category. The frame has MT-system arms, the best option available today. The harness is made by Flymecc. The frame can be sold with an almost new 12l or 16l fuel tank.
The frame alone costs new about 2.500 euros.

Please ask me any question via private message or Whatsapp. I am shipping the paramotor within the EU only.

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