SELL: Harness For Advanced SKY Transformer XL Used XL Reserve from below With a counter Fairing (cocoon) Speed

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634.11 EUR
(15,000.00 CZK)

Category: Harnesses / For Advanced
Manufacturer: SKY
Model: Transformer XL
Size: XL
Usage: Used
Features: Speed, With a counter, Fairing (cocoon), Foam protector, Reserve from below
Year of Production: 2020

I am selling this universal and very safe seat, which you can fly with/without a cocoon and is very suitable for overflights and for e.g. groundhandling with comfort without a cocoon. It has a large storage space, is very comfortable and safe. It includes a detachable, spacious console, original carabiners, a comfortable removable back/hip support. Description of the seat from the manufacturer here: Review of the seat here: I would like to sell it incl. backup - 10/2018 - for a total weight of 120kg (specifically Way drive), repackaged this January. (price with pawn +4.5 thousand) Detailed information about pawn here: Inspection and handover possible within the South Bohemian region or along the ČB - PHA route.

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