SELL: Backpack Vittorazi (Itali) Easy 100 Used Gas in left hand Wooden propeller With reserve Battery charging

Added March 24, 2024, 2:33 p.m.

1,500.00 EUR

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Vittorazi (Itali)
Model: Easy 100
Serial Number: Filled.
Usage: Used
Features: Gas in left hand, Wooden propeller, With reserve, Battery charging, Tuned exhaust, Spare propeller, With speed, Upper suspension, 2 blade propeller, Battery, Electric starter, Composite propeller, TC valid
Year of Production: 2007

I am selling a Vittorazi Easy 100 paramotor and setoop in the morning, full name: M 101 EASY LIGHT (SETOOP). The paramotor is suitable for pilots up to 180 cm tall and up to 80 kg in weight. I bought the paramotor in 2015 with 11 hours of flight as storage. Flown by me sporadically until 2019, with a flight time of 42.15h. Not flown since then. The paramotor is serviced regularly and a few operational parts, the belt, battery, reducer carrier, reducer bearings, have been changed (supplied at the time of sale). The Paramotor has installed accessories: *strobe, 3x mode *OGN tracker, with wifi and bluetoot *GSM tracker, sinotrack *USB port for recharging devices in flight *spare parachute with console The Paramotor is preserved and fully functional. I will add a few things for quick action (along with the paramotor, you can also purchase the Velvet 23 / 2012 motorized glider from mac para)

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