SELL: Backpack Miniplane top 80 Used 2 blade propeller Moving rams

Added Jan. 26, 2024, 2:24 p.m.

2,302.12 EUR
(57,000.00 CZK)

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Miniplane
Model: top 80
Serial Number: Filled.
Usage: Used
Features: 2 blade propeller, Moving rams
Year of Production: 2017

I am selling a Paramotor - TOP80 Miniplane with movable suspension, Excellent Condition Recommended price: approx. 64,000 CZK Discount for the need to change petrol before the first flight. Price after discount: NOK 57,000 Description: I am selling a carefully maintained TOP80 Miniplane Paramotor, purchased in 2019. This light and reliable engine was mainly used for recreational flights and has only 50 hours of flying time. The machine is in perfect technical condition, but due to the longer period of inactivity (1.5 years), I recommend a little maintenance before further use. (definitely going to be watered down petrol) - Otherwise a full service was done just before I stopped flying. Original price CZK 108,000 Specifications: Model: TOP80 Miniplane Year of manufacture: 2017 (I think... I don't know how to verify. Bought in Slovakia from ABC paragliding.) It has been in operation since 2019 - I am the first owner. Hours flown: 50h Condition: Very good, regularly maintained Recommended maintenance: Gasoline change, test flight Additional information: The paramotor has always been stored in a dry and warm place. Ideal for beginners and advanced pilots thanks to its reliability and ease of use. Selling due to non-use.

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