SELL: Backpack Nirvana Electric 125 Used Transport packaging Wooden propeller With reserve Battery With speed

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2,182.57 EUR
(55,000.00 CZK)

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Nirvana
Model: Electric 125
Serial Number: Filled.
Usage: Used
Features: Transport packaging, Wooden propeller, With reserve, Battery, With speed, TC fresh, 2 blade propeller, Battery charging, Electric starter, TC valid, Gas in left hand
Year of Production: 2002

MPK NIRVANA Electric 115 factory converted to 125 (org. detachable aluminum frame), rv 2002, TK 03/26, pilot weight range 50 - 100kg, electric starter, left-hand control; wooden propeller 125; new seat Light LEXX R NIRVANA - L complete (03/22) with integrated backup under the seat (at least flown since installation), max pilot weight 150kg; including complete transport bags for motor, frame and propeller, new battery. Including PK SKY Brontes M DHV-2/EN-C, weight category 80-148kg, tied to the engine, TK 02/23 plus cauliflower, personal collection only, payment in cash

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