SELL: Backpack Paramotor Trike BMW R1200 Paramotor Trike BMW R1200 New TC valid Gas in left hand With reserve

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8,000.00 EUR

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Paramotor Trike BMW R1200
Model: Paramotor Trike BMW R1200
Usage: New
Features: TC valid, Gas in left hand, Gas in right hand, Transport packaging, Removable chassis, Wooden propeller, With reserve, Battery charging, Tuned exhaust, Spare propeller, 3 blade propeller, Spare frame, With speed, No TC, TC fresh, Upper suspension, Moving rams, 2 blade propeller, Battery, Electric starter, Composite propeller
Year of Production: 2017

Paramotor trike for sale Suggesting economical and extremely comfortable flight (low vibrations) (mass center is concentrated at the bottom of the carriage). Equipped with a BMW R1200 two-cylinder four-stroke engine ensures easy take-off. Main parameters: Power: 82.5 KW Weight: ~140 Kg Price includes APCO play42 MK II: Manufactured: 2013-04 Size: 42 m2 Maximum weight: 340 kg Flight hours: 30 h Lithuania, Stakliskes +37065559226

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