SELL: Backpack Spin Spin Used Gas in left hand Wooden propeller Upper suspension 2 blade propeller With speed

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Added Feb. 5, 2024, 12:49 p.m.

1,799.64 EUR
(45,000.00 CZK)

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: Spin
Model: Spin
Usage: Used
Features: Gas in left hand, Wooden propeller, Upper suspension, 2 blade propeller, With speed, Electric starter, TC valid
Year of Production: 2011

Spin 180E backpack for sale, TK valid until 27/02/2025, speed, electric starter, manual start, seat replaced in 2020, nice condition, can also be sold with registered PK Ozone Roadster 3-28 year 2019 (+30,000, - CZK), more info on mobile.

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