SELL: Backpack WalkerJet Solo210,Pegas 26b , podvozek Used Wooden propeller Tuned exhaust Spare frame No TC

Added March 3, 2024, 11:57 a.m.

1,104.10 EUR
(28,000.00 CZK)

Category: Powered Paragliding / Backpacks
Manufacturer: WalkerJet
Model: Solo210,Pegas 26b , podvozek
Usage: Used
Features: Wooden propeller, Tuned exhaust, Spare frame, No TC, Upper suspension, 2 blade propeller, With speed, Gas in left hand, Removable chassis
Year of Production: 2012

I will sell a complete set of kite, removable landing gear and wing Pegas 26 B year 2012 with valid tk until 04.2025 flown only until 2016. WALKERJET kite with Solo 210 engine with tuned exhaust, technical certificate with lapsed tk due to older seat. Manual start. removable landing gear of our own production IRIS. partly made of duralumin, wheels with a diameter of 33 cm, very light. The whole set, all that remains is to buy the bookmark.

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